This post would normally be about what we covered in the week 3 training for Affiliate System, but...

as the "homework" was all about connecting our blogs to Affilaite System, and some of the advanced features of Affiliate System, it would not be relevant to you because Affiliate system is not yet available to the general public.

The system is great and has so much to offer we few lucky people that have been granted access, but that does not help you, and that is why I started this blog!

So, this week, rather than going over what we learned in week 3, I am looking at why we all should have a blog and how to make the most of what is available for you now; before you can get your hands on the Affiliate System.

Right, let's get into why you should start your own blog today, if you have not already done so. If you have got started I'll be offering some tips on what to do with your blog in an upcoming post.

Even at these early stages I am getting comments like this, "I want to succeed with a blog but I have no idea what to blog about or how to get started. Can you help?"

It can be a daunting prospect when you have not done any blogging in the past, so let me first tell you that I have a totally free course that walks you through all aspects in short easy to undertsand videos. Just click on the "Updates, Tips and Tricks" image to the right and I'll deliver the full course over 8 days, covering everything you need to know including content creation etc.  taking away all the stress about how to get started in the correct way.

In fact, you will become a greater expert in blogging than 99% of everyone on line.

Here are some main reasons why you should have your own humble blog. 

1. Share Your Passion: We all have something that we are passionate about, and it's a great way to share our thoughts and receive input from others.

2. Establish Your Authority:  Build credibility, and earn the trust of your audience. Your blog becomes a  knowledge base as you navigate new areas and learn yourself, you can also guide others along the same path (as I hope to do for you with my blog).

3. Connect with Your Audience:
  Build meaningful connections as you share your experiences, insights, and perspectives. It's a great way to build new relationships on a personal level, creating a community bound by shared interests and passions.

4. Explore Creative Expression:
as you get more used to blogging, your creativity will start to show and you will find yourself expanding into new areas.

5. Monetize Your Passion: While passion fuels your blogging journey, monetization provides the fuel to sustain it.
Through strategic monetization tactics such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital products, you can turn your passion into profit and create a sustainable income stream from your blog. By providing value to your audience and partnering with brands that align with your values, you can monetize your blog ethically and authentically.
For many,  a blog can lead to a full time income, so WHY NOT FOR YOU?

6. Leave Your Mark:  With each blog post, you leave behind a footprint—a testament to your ideas, your experiences, and your journey. Whether you're inspiring others, sparking meaningful conversations, or effecting positive change, your blog becomes a legacy that transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step, unleash your creativity, and let your voice be heard. The world is waiting to hear your story in the same simple way that I am sharing mine.

God bless.

    12 replies to "Why Have A Blog?"

    • Albert

      Hi Graham,

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the benefits of building a blog. I liked the last reason #6. The idea of leaving your mark.

      Other’s who might be able to read what you already went through in the past in order to achieve your goals its powerful. It’s a verification or proof that you did had your share of hard work and overcome challenging obstacles to become or achieve something important in your life.

      • Graham Frame

        Thanks for your comments Albert – glad you enjoyed the post.
        God bless

    • Sistla Venkata Giri

      Yes. I enjoyed your blog sharing and posting it for the benefit and welfare of all members across the globe. Looking pretty well and I am so much pleased after going through the contents of the blog.

    • Sherri S Pulcino

      I really enjoyed the way you outlined the key reasons for starting a blog! Sharing your passion, building credibility, and connecting with your audience are all crucial aspects. Your point about the potential for monetization through blogging was particularly eye-opening. Many people may not realize that a blog can be a great avenue for making money. Personally, I’m a journal enthusiast, and I see my blog as a digital journal that not only documents my journey but also invites others to join me. I’m look forward to your next post!

      • Graham Frame

        Blooging can be and should be fun. Sounds like you are on the right track with your own blog.

    • Andy Jacobs

      Hi Graham,
      I very much like what you’re saying regarding blogging. I was terrified at first at the prospect of writing on line for all to see and can resonate with those feelings of uncertainty and self doubt. I also read your About Me. Wow, what a varied life you’ve had. You could write a book on all your life adventures. I love that your main focus is to raise money for “We Share Abundance”. Good luck.

      • Graham Frame

        Thanks for your good wishes, and yes my life has always been blessed with amazing experinces.

    • Atif Perwiz

      Graham, hi, hope you are well. Of the points you listed, one that really resonates with me is the ‘getting to know the audience connecting with your audience.’ I think that’s the prime reason I started my blog. You want to find people that are interested in what you’ve got to say, people that want to learn from you and you from them. Eventually you can get to a point where your audience comes to regularly to hear what you have to say and then also learn from you and ask for your guidance. That to me is the most satisfying part of this . Adding value to peoples lives or help fixing a problem they may have is another way of looking at it. Well done very nice blog. Take care and talk soon . Thanks, Atif

    • Alan Lim

      Hi Graham, thanks for sharing these great reasons for having a blog.

      In fact, another good reason to have a blog is because it is an asset that you control.

      So you don’t have to worry about someone else shutting your blog down just because they don’t like what you say.

    • CJ


      A blog is defiantly an expression of one’s self. Blog are like snowflakes. They are made up of the same basic components, however they are each unique with in themselves.

      The uniqueness is what draws people to your blog instead of someone else’s. The visitor to your blog resinates with you and therefore opts in to follow. you.

      People want to know, like and trust you before they purchase from you. The uniqueness and the value you provide is what allows visitor to build that trust.

      Here’s to the uniqueness of your blog.

    • Denny Medeiros

      Hi Graham,
      Great post! I like the way you listed out your 6 benefits to blogging.
      I connect more with your last benefit, leaving your mark.
      First, It’s important for me to document my journey for my own reflection.
      Second, I feel everyone on the outside is looking in waiting for our success.
      For this reason, it’s good to share the journey so when we succeed, they will see and want our help!
      Thanks for your post!

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