When I first got started in being mentored I thought I may struggle to find things to add to my blog on a regular basis.

However, I have been learning so much and I love this project, the system, software and mentoring, that I find I am spoilt for choice on what to write about.

There is so much that I could write all day, for several weeks and still not say everything I have in mind.

Because of this I have decided to cover in one post a week the progress made by me each week and so far I have only covered week one.

I will then, if I make time, add additional posts covering my thoughts and anything beneficial that crosses my path. I suppose I should also warn against anything detremental that I encounter.

Also, as I am detailing what I have completed, there will be things that are done in ways that readers will not be able to duplicate, because they are subject to actually having the "Affiliate System", and at present that is only available to a select few; I am fortunate to be among the few.

In these instances I will endeavour to find ways that you can follow along without having your own version of the "Affiliate System".

One such instance is the way we have set up our blog and hosting, and some of the "hacks" that the system allows us to use. Fortunately, I have a superb training on every aspect of using WordPress (it even covers quite a few things not in our Affiliate System training), and I am making this available to anyone who wants it, totally FREE!

It has 8 modules with short easy to follow videos for everything and was produced by a friend of mine, who has kindly allowed me to give it away to you. There are in total 31 videos and you get the lot by clicking on the image in the sidebar, for Updates, Tips and Tricks.

You will see, in the sidebar, another gift you can download, this is a cheat sheet of how another pal of mine is making over $300,000 a month in Sales with no paid traffic. Amazing huh! I suggest you grab both as they are both free.

Now onto my week 2....

Affiliate Syatem Week 2  Training

Before you can complete step 2 for yourself - you will need to make sure you have step one in place. The Wordprtess Training download will help you with that. 

Remember, these are steps to complete, it does not matter how fast you move, do everything at your own pace. The fable of the "Tortoise and the Hare" comes to mind; as long as you keep moving in the right direction you MUST reach your chosen destination.

The most important part of any journey is getting started, so don't allow any negative thoughts to stop you taking the first essential step. Whatever you think, is what you will achieve, and the poem below has always been a favourite of mine.  I hope that you read it daily and take it to heart..

The Victor

Now getting back to step 2 there were 3 tasks we needed to complete.

1. Write a home page or an about page explaining our journey and why we are embarking on this journey. This is really your, "WHY" and by setting it out in writing you are committing to your own success and becoming accountable to your readers. It will always serve as a reminder for you when times get tough, as they always will.  It is the foundation of your business, your reason for being and it's probably the most important thing you will ever write. 

I chose to make it a page rather than a post (you can see it here), but it could just as easily be a first post; it's simply a matter of personal preference.

Then make a post about what you are actually doing in terms of how you are getting started, what you are learning and any challenges you are facing. etc. The more you struggle the greater the accomplishment you will feel when you overcome any challenges AND the more your own followers will relate to you.

2. There were certain plugins that were recommended. If you don't know what a plugin is, how and why to install them, you will learn from the free course available in the sidebar.

One I always use is classic editor which makes writing posts and pages much simpler for the non technical like myself. Classic Widgets is another for non techies like me.

A spam filter is also advisable and one that comes free in WordPress is Akismet.

Wordfence is a free security program and I also use OptimisePress. But, that's a paid option and not essential, although if I did not think it worth the small fee they charge I would not use it myself and recommend it to you. It's worth checking out, even if just for the ability to have social share icons on your posts, but it offers much, much more.

3. Beginners Advantage Documentation. It may sound strange but if you are new and or inexperienced it does provide an advantage and that is excatly why I am starting from scratch and following the plan step by step. Now of course you don't have access to this really great mentorship, but just by following what I do and asking for help if needed, you will be able to exploit the advantage you have of being a "NEWBIE".

The biggest advantage is that there are literally millions of people like you online who can relate to you and what you are doing. It is difficult to follow someone who is light years ahead of you, I know I've tried it, and I just could not get anything from the high fees I paid for help. 

The great thing about this course is that although Dean is far more advanced than any of us, he is putting himself in the same place by starting over. 

Hopefully as you follow my posts, you will be able to relate with me and the challenges that I face along the way, and the small achievements that I make. Small steps get us to the place we want to go as certainly as those able to make big strides.

God bless,

    11 replies to "Spoilt For Choice"

    • tony

      Hi, you are right to emphasise Continuous Learning, staying informed getting training, and listening to others is a must, Oh, and thanks for the link to the cheat sheet I will check that out.

      I also think you make a good point about creating quality content, there is so much junk being pushed into our inboxes.


        We Share Abundance ayudando a todos sus miembros con las bendiciones de dios y nuestro guía supremo Graham Framme

    • Kingsley Manchester

      Totally agree with you there are so much junk being pushed into our inbox every day.

    • Marianne Taylor

      I would like you to check out this website and tell me what you think.
      Thank you, Marianne Taylor

      • Graham Frame

        Sadly, I’m totally disillusioned with all projects like this. It may be a great opportunity and I wish you well but I doubt that relying on 3rd party programs for your future will never bring you the security you need.
        God bless.

    • Atif Perwiz

      Graham, many thanks for very insightful blog. I joined your email list newsletter so I can keep abreast of what’s going on. I’ll post in the Facebook group if all the emails worked okay. Thanks, Atif

    • Sharel Siarkiewicz

      Hi, we truly are spoiled with having Dean mentoring us. Loved your addition of the poem, it truly fits the journey with affiliate marketing. I have saved it to view again and again! Really like your email list title of tips and tricks…much less intimidating than registering an email…I think I’ll find my own application of this for my site! Interested in your tips and tricks….sounds like you have some useful experience to share.

      • Graham Frame

        Thanks Sharel,
        I read your lasyt post where you felt you were slipping behind but I noticed that you have made more posts than me- so maybe you are the leader and not lagging behind at all.
        God bless,

    • Nigel Barksfield

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Alan Lim

      You are right. There are so much content to share when you are documenting your journey and sharing what you learn, that you don’t even know what you should write first.

      With that said, I think that is a good problem to have.

    • corneliu boghian

      Thanks for sharing !!!

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