I have to be blatently honest and say that I started this post on December 15th and only got as far as the title! The date today is 8th January so I have procrastinated for24 days!

Yes there have been reasons and excuses foe why this post was not completed, but I should not allow this to happen!

It is a warning to me and hopefully anyone following my posts of just how easy it is to allow time to drift away, when we should be taking action.

One thing I have found is that the members area for Internet Profits has an amazing course called Internet Profits Accelerator.  I don't know when this was introduced because it is about 7 years or so since I first engaged with this platform and I have not been active in it for all that time. (Another example of time sliding by).
I will make time to follow my mentoring in the Affiliate System (which has a monthly fee so that should keep me aware of the need to act) and I find really interesteng, helpful and fun; but, I also want to get involved and complete the Accelerator course.

All I need are ten 72 hour days in a week!

Seriously, we all have the same amount of time and how we manage that time determines what we get done. I will manage my time better fron this day on.

Anyway, here i am playing catch up on week 2 when I really should be looking forward to week 5.

Thankfully writing this post will complete week 2 and I have already watched week 3 replay of the process and will complete week 3 tasks by tomorrow at the latest.

I was on week 4 live event last Friday and so I have those tasks also to complete and a 6 hour event that was held around Christmas to watch and learn from some great content and guest speakers.

Honestly, all this is so valuable that I wish I could offer it to everyone but, at present, it is only available to existing "Partners" and I feel so blessed to have taken that step all those years ago which is allowing me to benefit today.

I will catch up and I will also add into my busy schedule the Accelerator course which I have started.

All this is on top of launching 2 new plans this month in the "Not for Profit" organisation I am involved in. These are also very exciting and we have a contest giving away a $50,000 car of choice to the top affiliate from launch to the 27th April.

I will post again this week once I am up to date with my Affiliate System tasks and will resolve to stay on top of everything through better time managemnt in the future.

God bless,

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    • Peter Ezenwa

      Wow! I am touched that at your age, acquiring knowledge is not a big deal. That you are eager to add knowledge to knowledge is wonderful.

      God bless you Sir.

      • Graham Frame

        Once we stop learning we start dying and I have too much still to accomplish to contemplate death.
        God bless.

    • Taiwo

      thanks for your commitment


      procrastination is a theif of time. The adage that says a stich in time saves nine is very much true. An early adoption of inovation is a key to advancement in life.

    • Karina

      Gracias por su sinceridad! Felicidades por avanzar.

    • Reynold Alfred

      Hi Mr. Graham.

      I appreciate your comment on time management; this is one of my biggest problems, managing time. Time moves so fast! But I agree, we all have the same 24 hours in the day. Sir, may I ask if there are any hard and fast rules on how to manage one’s 24 hours?

      By the way Sir, I am excited about the 2 new plans you are launching for the new year, and what makes it more exciting is the cherry on top of the cake! We could win a new car worth $50,000. “Thank you”

      • Graham Frame

        I am looking forward to presenting the car to the winner. Maybe it will be you.
        God bless.

    • Nigel Barksfield

      Best wishes for 2024!
      Thanks for your generosity in the past. I hope I can help the​ cause further this year, too.

    • Herman Crittenden

      That’s a good encouraging and motivated thing to do.

    • Rao

      πŸ™‚ Nice

    • Steve Briant

      It’s always hard to keep on top of things online, especially when you have a day job.
      I do property maintenance and make garden furniture.
      I’m also involved with doing affiliate marketing training, but with a different company than yourself.
      Looking forward to your program coming alive (WSA) so I can dedicate more time to that as well as the affiliate training I’m doing.

      Good luck

      • Graham Frame

        Thanks Steve – we will all succeed. God bless

    • Paul

      Yes its very true, we all have something that slips by with time, the problem is it’s not recoverable (the time i mean) but we must all do whatever we can to achieve our goals.

    • Ken

      Hi Graham,
      I know exactly what you mean about time slipping away. I have several projects on the go at the mo but there’s always something unexpected happens to stop me progressing.

      Last weekend, I had a sniffle, which turned into a full head cold. To put this into perspective, my wife and I have not had a cold or flu in 23 years, due to the incredible supplements we have taken during that time. However, in the morning, my wife suggested I take a RAT… it was positive. Four years into the pandemic, four years COVID free, and now I’m a confirmed case…UGH!!!

      Then, my browser, which has ALL my sites bookmarked (for safety) dropped out and I couldn’t get it back. The message on the screen was something about a certain drive being corrupted due to excessive memory usage, or something… basically I need a new computer.

      So I spent many hours trying to re-establish my files on Google Chrome, which IS working.

      I’m also helping my book-reviewer wife with some of the ‘to-be-read’ overflow shelf. I’ve just read “Same as Ever” which describes my exact position.: there’s always something unexpected coming along to create havoc.

      If you’ve read this far, thank you for your time.

      Looking forward to your next post.

      • Graham Frame

        I know that with persistence we will all achieve what we set out to achieve – nothing can halt persistence!

    • Reis

      Wow! Cool
      That’s how I like it… That everything is fine even in my arms, on the other hand, that’s what I call the wildest dreams

      God bless us


    • Sistla Venkata Giri

      I felt really excited after going through this blog and appreciated it a great lot from the very bottom of my Heart. I will be highly grateful and thankful for all your services through this website medium by serving the Millions of the Clients and Customers across the Globe like me.

      After came to know about writing comments section on your blog, today that i have been commented and try to help me out as much as you can Sir.

      I will remain blessed.

      Thanking you,
      Yours sincerely

      Sistla Venkata Giri

    • Mel Hynes

      Hi Graham:

      Good Blog.

      Always good to keep your partners informed as to what is happening.

    • Darren Peters

      Don’t put off until tomorrow, what can be done today.

    • Carol Bryan

      When I read it for the first time I wasn’t focused and had to read it over the get what you were saying. Was busy so I just skimmed through it. Perhaps for busy people like me (and you) you might tabulate (in rows) each week and task that you are telling us about. That would make it fast, easy to read and understand.

      • Graham Frame

        I will have to work on my skills to make it easier. God bless

    • Mindaugas Jankauskas

      Yes, its great Sir, what YOU are doing in this life, im new with YOURS project, and im like, that im come here.

    • Steven S

      Very interesting read. I too am trying to find more time in the week to get everything done.

    • :bozena:

      Hello, Nice to read your first blog. Unfortunately I don’t have these skills… Upppssss. Go ahead and Thank you .

      • Graham Frame

        Skills are learned and not born. WE all can acquire any skill we need, all it takes is determination. God bless.

    • david hampstead

      I hope this works well for you!

    • Promise Mwamba

      This is so grateful Mr Graham

    • Muraleedharan Thararayil

      I hope to get some new content on affiliate marketing.

    • Fauziyya


    • Sandy

      Hello Graham,

      So glad you started back up. I read some of your story as well. MLM was how I also got hooked. But like you, everyone under me left.
      I hope you can find time to really stick to this. It’s difficult for all of us. I still have a full time job and 2 grandbabies I try to squeeze in. I really look forward to seeing your progress to help me push myself forward as well.
      Thanks for the post – look forward to seeing more.. πŸ™‚

      • Graham Frame

        Thanks Sandy, but I must have given the wrong impression as the people in my team did not leave – they just did not make money. I still have people with me from over 40 years ago. I will stick with this as I stick with everything, until it has achieved my initial goals and then I ponder if I want to continue, am I enjoying it? Much the same a Dean in his last talk where he has “success” but not satisfaction.
        This is not starting up again – it’s more like just adding something else in the mix that I don’t have time to do. LOL!
        God bless.

    • Jaroslav Trojan

      Zdravim vas Grahame ,
      prihlasil jsem se pod vas v programu Revard Riple, a dopadl jsem spatne. Mel jsem pod sebou stovky prihlasenych , ale v Dashboardu -hlavni stranka mne neoverili v Fbskupine a take neoverili muj telefon a vypadl jsem-vyhodili mne. Nemam z toho nic, tak jsem zklaman.

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