It's a long time since I was last in any form of education, that is other than as a teacher.

However, I am really enjoying this experience and learning all the time. You are never too old and you never know it all!

The course is really well planned and comes in bite sized pieces that anyone can follow. It is constantly stressed that additional help is always available, 24/7, if needed, but I have found the tutorials so well and patiently constructed that so far I have not needed any additional assistance.

But it's good to know it's there if and when I do!

My only problem has been in finding the time to apply myself as much as I would like to everything being taught. It is really important to keep the momentum up of regular postings, because that is what will not only provide vital information for my followers but also clarifies things in my own mind.

I am still playing catch up and will comment further on the various things learned, and any challenges I encounter, in my future posts.

This post is really to let everyone know that my slow start is not at all down to the content provided but simply down to my time commitments. I would strongly recommend this course and the associated software etc. if it was available to the public.

Sadly that is not the case at present but I feel sure that sometime in the future there will be access for all those seeking to follow a proven path to success.

God bless,

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    • Ken McGarvey

      Graham, I find myself in the same boat, with balancing my new online business and my 9-5 bill paying business. I have always found time management to be a juggling act always having to reprivatizing everything. So this year I’m making a conscious effort to setting aside time for each endeavor to keep them both moving. Hang in there it’s not a sprint, it’s a journey.

    • Ernie

      A slow start is still a start! I applaud you for your willingness to share and I am excited to see how your venture glows. Best wishes!

    • Acasha Klewe

      I find that the whole process of writing for my own blog, and really putting effort to put thoughts into words on a “page” and try to explain to others the things I am learning, really helps my own brain to really process and understand it all myself.

      Best of luck!

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