First, I want to apologise to anyone who left a comment and I did not respond. I am really grateful and appreciate you spending the time to read what I write and bother to comment. THANK YOU ALL!

Now, I want to quickly cover some of the things we have been doing for the past few weeks. It is not just about setting up a few things, but also gradually learning about all the tools and benefits that are built into the Affiliate System. It is in all honesty amazing and would be totally overwhelming if we were not guided through it step by step.

As a tool, I know it will be so helpul in making affiliate marketing much easier and far more effective. But you can still become a great affiliate marketer without these tools if you follow my posts. It's just that as we progress, the tools will make life easier and save us time. It's not yet available to everyone but I believe in time it will be and I will at that time recommend it's use.

I have now caught up on my "Homework" and so will outline what we have learned and done in successive posts.

The image above shows the tasks we needed to complete after week one training. For some this may seem very basic, and it is, but to be successful you need to put the foundations in place or you can't build a strong and lasting structure. Some of the people on the course already had blogs and chose to import them into the system. 

I have a blog that I have used for almost 20 years but decided it was best to start fresh and so I used a domain name I already had, but added a new blog.

You will see in the image talk of owned assets, and any business has assets but an online business has few, namely the domain name, the content added to the site on the domain (blog) and eventually a subscribers list. I'm sure that most of you will have heard, "The money is in the list"; more on that later,

We also learned to use Cloudflare to help make our blog safer and faster; I'll be honest when I say that I don't really understand how, but as it's free and recommended, why not? In fact I have several websites that are managed by a server team and they have installed Cloudflare on them, so it must have some benefit.

I had never installed clouflare myself, but found the training so precise that I was able to do it without additional help. I am very limited technically and even struggle with a TV remote on the few occasions that I watch TV. TV and Social Media are thieves of time, beware!

I doubt that I could guide you from memory on how to set up Cloudflare, but if you do need help I'll go back to the training and make notes so I can assist you. Let me know in the comments.

Regarding other elements of setting up a blog, I have a very useful training containing 8 modules of videos that I will soon be making available, totally free, to anyone who needs it.

So, I hope you start putting in your foundations now and I will be back with week 2 updates in another post to come soon.

God bless.

    2 replies to "Apologies and the path forward"

    • David Roper

      Graham, No apologies needed… the path forward is in focus! Looking back, I can see how far I have come from when I started. New Skills learned, stepping into Unknown areas that we have never been before… Scary at first, but once we are there, it’s really not as bad as our thoughts led us to believe. Keep moving forward and continue to share!

      • lauranfram

        Thanks David, and same to you.
        God bless

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